Coffs Harbour: The Big Banana

Coffs Harbour: The Big Banana

The next stop on our journey to Cairns was Coffs Harbour. Another town which is often bypassed on people’s East Coast trips.

Hoey Moey was the hostel we stayed in for the 2 nights we were there. This is a working hostel, popular with construction workers and farm workers. It is also just a 1-minute walk from the dorm rooms to the beach!

Coffs Harbour Beach

Let’s Go To The Beach

As the temperature had started to improve since leaving Sydney and travelling North we decided to make the most of our prime location and spent our first day exploring the beaches. We went on a walk, following the coast to see where we ended up while trying to catch a bit of a tan. Although we considered the low 20 degrees temperatures hot enough for the beach clearly no one else had the same idea – we had the whole beach practically to ourselves.

Coffs Harbour Beach

Coffs Harbour Beach

Not only was the hostel in the perfect location, it also had a bar, restaurant and bottle shop on site. After getting something cheap from the restaurant on our first night, we found the cheapest ‘goon’ we could get our hands on and played card games in the dorm room.

The following morning we experienced our first proper wildlife encounter since being in Australia. As I stepped out of the dorm room I noticed a reptile just by the door frame. At first, I could only see the head and thought it was a snake, but as it wriggled under the brickwork I saw legs. We later found out it was a blue-tongued lizard.

The Big Banana of Coffs Harbour

After that excitement, we decided to walk to the ‘big banana’. We had heard about this bright yellow banana statue a few times in conversation and felt that we had to see it for ourselves. The walk from the hostel to the banana took a while but it was worth the effort.

It turns out that the Big Banana statue is part of a waterpark and gift shop which features loads of banana inspired souvenirs. Although we didn’t go to the water park we did get a picture with the banana. Australia seems to have a lot of weird items enlarged into statue form. Since we’ve been here we’ve seen a big banana, a big boot, a big kangaroo and a dog. All with no real connection to the area around them.

Big Banana Coffs Harbour

That evening we ventured into the harbour and had some gourmet burgers while we sat outside around an open fire. Apart from inhaling some smoke, the burgers were tasty! We went back to the hostel shortly after for an early night. The next morning we had a 4 am wake up before our next adventure… Surf Camp!

Overall, our time in Coffs Harbour was short but sweet. I can imagine this town would be incredible in the summer months. Especially with the hostel being so close to the endless stretch of beaches. We were also told that Coffs Harbour is a great surfing spot so we would definitely look into hiring some surfboards if we ever go back.

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